Thursday, September 14, 2006

3 Different Versions of the Model 3

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Available as of 08.07.2006

Above: the Pale Horse Fighters Bowie!
Hand-forged carbon steel (specifically: selectively heat-treated, satin-finished 0-1), just as a Bowie should be. She sports nickel silver fittings and a stabilised tiger-maple/stabilised black ash burl handle with leather washers. She has a full length tang that screws right thru the butt cap. During normal to extreme use, she'll never break and never come apart. 100% hand made right here in Kennesaw. She is borne in a brand-new leather Randall/Sullivan sheath with a belt/frog stud. SOLD,Thank you.

Above: The U.T.E.

The Urban Tactical Edge (sm) aka the UTE. It is more for cutting paracord than paratoopers. More for skinning wild hares than enemy combatants. She sports a 3.0" 1095 full-tang blade. Handled in rare brown linen Micarta with brass fittings. She is bourne in a blk Kydex belt/neck sheath. Sold! Thank you.

Available as of 08.06.2006

Above: small hunter with stag handle, brass ferrule & selectively heat-treated 0-1 blade. Here's a nice hand-forged, selectively heat-treated 0-1 blade with brass fittings, leather spacers and a stag handle. She is bourne in a nice Kennesaw leather sheath, though she might not need one... That brass ferrule will balance perfectly on your finger all day long. Sold, Thank You.

Above and below: a Model 7 with japanese-styled cord wrap over black rayskin on a selectively heat-treated 0-1 blade. The blade is 2.5" long x 0.125" thick. The handle is Japanese-styled cord wrap over black rayskin. The overall length is 6.5" and she weighs 2.8 oz + sheath. The sheath is Kydex with ambidexterous, Reverse grip optional with TekLok. A knife like this will keep you Semper Paratus! Price Sold Thank you!
Availability subject to change. Please place you order quickly @

Available as of 08.05.2006

Above: Damascus by maker of 1084, 15N20 & 52100 and a Tactical sealed cord-wrapped handle and black leather sheath by Kenny Rowe. Sold, thank you!

Above: Model 3 the Short Cut

The Short Cut M-3 by Granger KnivesFashioned of 0-1 tool steel, the blade is 2.5" long x 0.125" thick.The overall length is 6.5". The handle is Japanese-style cord wrapover black rayskin. The weight is 2.8 oz + sheath. The ambidextrous sheath is kydex with TekLok.

Sold! Thank you.

Above: the Little Knipper (sm).

The Knipper: Just a little knife that takes up just a little space. Guaranteed to scare no one (except at the airport!). Satin-finish 0-1 tool steel, selectively heat-treated, hollow-ground/chisel-ground bare tang handle & Kydex neck/belt sheath. Price SOLD! Thank you